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Consulting in Production Logistics

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Production Logistics

Production Logistics refers to the organization of the transformation, movement, storage and control of goods from the acquisition of raw materials to the delivery of finished products to customers.

Due to the continual increase in economic pressure and competition, organizing efficiently their logistic chain has become a must for industrial companies. Costs have to be reduced, production has to be optimized, a high customer service level has to be guaranteed, etc.

These objectives certainly sound familiar to you. But do you really know how to deal best with these issues?

Typical Application 1

A new range of fine chemicals has to be produced in an existing batch and semi-continuous multipurpose plant, next to the former products.

  • Are the equipment and resources currently available sufficient?
  • If not, which investments - in reactors, extended storage place, containers, ... - and manpower are really needed?
  • How to organize production so that conflicts between various production flows are minimized?

Our solution to achieve an efficient use of the production capacity decomposes into:

  • detailed bottleneck analysis,
  • development of improved production processes,
  • material flow simulation and optimization,
  • operational production scheduling at factory level.

Typical Application 2

A multinational company produces a full range of pharmaceuticals in a variety of factories located all over Europe. If each factory were focusing on specific products:

  • Would the economies of scale be high enough to compensate for higher distribution costs?
  • How would the inventory holding costs be affected?
  • Could a better customer service level be guaranteed?

Our precise answers will be based on:

  • a thorough demand and cost analysis,
  • a classification of the products according to their similarities,
  • a mathematical optimization study integrating all relevant constraints.

Tools Used

  • process-industry specific material flow simulation - see our separate SIMBAX page (you can also request our brochure via our contact page),
  • production plan visualization with Excel - see our separate QuickGantt page (you can also request our brochure via our contact page),
  • integrated production planning and scheduling software, compatible with ERP (e.g. SAP) - see our separate Schedule++ page (you can also request our brochure via our contact page),
  • modeling languages enabling quick and flexible model development,
  • mixed-integer linear programming,
  • genetic algorithms and other modern optimization methods,
  • decision-support oriented graphical user interfaces.

Examples of Practical Projects

  • Integration of reverse osmosis equipment in an existing chemical production plant,
  • Simulation analysis of two converging dyestuff multipurpose batch plants,
  • Design of a new plant for an optical brightener,
  • Integration of reverse osmosis in a paper brightener production facility,
  • Debottlenecking the production process of a light stabiliser,
  • Material flow optimization in a multipurpose high-performance pigment plant,
  • Utility consumption optimization in a multipurpose pharmaceutical synthesis plant
  • Material flow analysis in a large-scale dairy,
  • Operational production planning and inventory management in the medical device industry.
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